Refurbished Laptops & Desktops


 When you buy any Nike refurbished product, the quality is exceptional. Every product is professionally refurbished at our technical center, then cleaned inside and out by our expert technicians. What you get is the next best thing to new, but at a considerably lower price.


Refurb Process

Anyone can talk about quality, but without cast-iron quality control procedures in place, it means nothing. All Nike refurbished PCs and laptops are subjected to rigorous multi-stage testing by qualified technicians to ensure that they are fully-functioning and will perform to your expectations.

We do a comprehensive assessment as standard including:
LAN & WiFi - Keyboard - Touchpad - Touchscreen
CMOS - Memory - Battery - LCD
Speakers - Optical - USB Ports

Because Nike Refurbished products are prepared by fully-qualified IT technicians, we are capable of tailoring the specification of PCs and laptops to your specific requirements. We can fit SSDs, add extra RAM, provide a compatible keyboard and mouse. We can also offer an Extended Warranty. Simply tell us what you require and we will do everything we can to deliver.

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